One Man's Journey Toward Salvation: Max Payne

I was entirely on the bandwagon for this to be an awesome movie. I had hyped all the trailers in my Shared Page link. I had even done my best not to look up the video game for fear it would scare me off from thinking this a great movie. But these efforts seemed to have set me up for disappointment.
I chose the title of this post because I think that's the real purpose of the movie. It starts out with Max, a bum cop, being very depressed because his wife and baby were brutally murdered. If he had only been home 10 minutes sooner... Well now Max roams the streets at night (3 years later) looking for the guy that got away. The movie starts and ends with narration by Max Payne's character. Progress was made in his beliefs, but overall his journey seemed a lot lamer than the commercials made it out to be.
I joked with friends that maybe the producers for this movie talked to the same guys that make the Apple commercials. It would certainly explain the 'awesome commercial, over-hyped result' feeling that I get when I think of both.
Knowing that some of my friends and readers will likely see it anyway, I don't want to give away any more reasons as to why I disliked it. However, if you comment with your own thoughts on the film I'll likely approve them and respond to those reactions. It's up to you.
To be fair, I'm re-posting one of the Max Payne commercials at the end of this post. Oh, and Mila Kunis... You go girl.
Pleasant movie-viewing days to all.