My Favorite Movies! Numbers 23-25

Over time movies have become a pinnacle of American culture. We've united around those few shining individuals that were both amazing actors or actresses and also stellar human beings. Even on occasion we can admire someone's skill in their craft despite their horrific personal opinions.
For me, movies have almost always been an escape of sorts. This doesn't mean they have to be all fiction or fantasy. Every movie provides an opportunity to see a world or the world through someone else's eyes. It encapsulates a story or series of stories or tapestry of situations together into a nice hour and half package (on average).
It is for these reasons and more that I watch movies regularly. And in my travels, I've come across many gems and many terrible pieces of garbage. The other evening I accumulated an actual list of the top 25. It didn't take very long. Outside of the top 10, however, the ranking dissolves into meaningless numbers. Being in places 11-25 simply means that I find these movies better than any movie not on the whole list. I did put some time and thought into ranking the top 10 correctly, but even there I can't say I got it perfect. Some days you're in the mood for a particular genre, and my number 1 movie might just not fit the mood.
I will go through 11-25 in three movie chunks, starting today with numbers 23-25.

#25: Back To School
I feel sorry for people in this younger generation who will never have the esteemed pleasure of knowing Rodney Dangerfield and his unique style of humor. They did a tribute shortly after his death in which an avalanche of comedians all testified that Rodney had given them their first big break into the market. So not only through his own "I Get No Respect" routines was he uproariously hilarious, but he also fostered a generation of fellow comedians to carry on after him.
Back To School is the story of a loving father (Dangerfield) who worries about his son's college education. He owns a successful business but never had the opportunity himself to attend a university, so decides to enroll alongside his son.
Shenanigans ensue as he enrolls in the diving team, throws crazy parties, headbutts with a snooty English business professor, rebuilds the dorm rooms to his liking, falls in love with his poetry teacher, and luckily falls on the good side of his fanatical history professor.

#24: Tombstone
Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer, and Kurt Russell (with a touch of help from the easily wounded Bill Paxton) all combine their significant mojo to create a semi-historic Western masterpiece. Vengeance, gang violence, guns, shooting, humor, gambling; this movie packs a punch in so many categories. What really sold the movie for me was Val Kilmer as an ailing Doc Holliday with his ever so fantastic "I'm your huckleberry." ... I'm sure that sounded weird, but it'd make wonderful sense after you see this film.

#23: The Pest
Now this movie is so very horrible that it's good. John Leguizamo has never been categorized as a fantastic actor. More often than not if he's even in the film, it's sure to be a B movie disaster of epic proportions.... Actually I take that back. He was in Moulin Rouge, Spawn, To Wong Foo, and the cult classic that just missed being on this list known as Super Mario Bros the movie. So he can be sprinkled in here and there with some very positive results.
In this movie, they pretty much just let him go with being his crazy self. It's pretty old too, and does have some random singing on Leguizamo's part. I randomly have pieces of the opening song stuck in my head in fact. It's just so dang catchy, like the flu! It doesn't have high production value, a cast of A-list actors (Aries Spears is pretty much the only person with a recognizable name in the film), or the most wonderful humor in the world... But I find it distinct in so many ways.

Well feel free to drop a line about what movies here you do or don't like. Tell me if this inspired you to add something to your Netflix list or avoid it like the plague. Do you have a movie, like the Pest is for me, that you simply watch even though you have no idea why? Let us know what it is.