My Favorite Movies! Numbers 20-22

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This is a follow-up post to the one where I introduced this segment. As stated before, rankings 11-25 aren't so important in the numbers realm. I put serious thought into 1-10, but the other 15 are pretty much just runner-ups.
So here's my vote for movies numbered 20-22. I will state at this point that if you seek to watch some of these movies, be warned. Some of them do contain adult themes like language and violence, and later potentially mild nudity. I suggest checking the ratings before watching, especially around young children.

#20: The Shadow
Alec Baldwin, Tim Curry and that guy that played Gandalf rock the cast of this oldie but goody. Based on the old comic books, and even a previous movie that I've never seen, the story is around a twisted white guy with brain powers.
Okay, I'll describe it better. After trauma in a war, Lamont Cranston (Baldwin) moves to China and becomes a twisted drug lord that answers to no one and cares for no one. That is, until a local guru forces him into training. This guru teaches Lamont to cloud men's minds, and to use this power against evil like that which once consumed Lamont's heart. By a bizarre turn of fate, he can become completely invisible to the clouded mind, except for HIS SHADOW!
Then, after helping to clean up the streets, some crazy guy planning on continuing in Genghis Khan's footsteps and try to rule the world with his own, stronger mindpowers pops out of a metal coffin and starts some stuff. The movie proceeds with en epic but historically weird comic book adaptation of taking this dude down.
Again, some of these pics make no sense to me. I can't explain why I like them so much, they just rock. When this movie comes on the Action channel on cable, I will miss new episodes of Heroes to watch it again... In all fairness, I am recording Heroes and will watch it later. What's up with Peter this season? Dude's crazy...

#21: The Green Mile
This one is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel, much like one of the movies in my top 3 (just wait, you'll see). Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Gary Sinise, along with a cast of other actors I've seen around, bring this story to life. Tom Hanks is the prison guard captain on the E block, which has come to be called the green mile on account of the green flooring. It also so happens to be where they store the craziest prisoners sentenced to execution by electric chair.
This one isn't so much a feel-good movie. Very little humor throughout, but still heartwarming in ways. We meet John Coffey (like the drink, 'cept not spelled the same) played by Duncan. A large and imposing prisoner who is oddly meek and soft-spoken. He is sentenced to death for the murder of two little girls, but as the story evolves we find that John has been granted some unusual powers. He shares these powers in powerful and sometimes heartbreaking ways.
I don't know what else to say about it. One of those you just have to see to understand. Definitely one of the ones I mentioned about adult themes and language.

#22: Dungeons & Dragons
Everyone at this point is pretty much wondering if 'Super Mario Bros' made my list of great yet terribly cheesy films. Well the answer is no, it did not. But this movie is impressive in the fact that it's based on a board game. Not a book. Not a television series. Not even a comic book series. A board game. How they develop an entire story from a board game I'll never know. Especially because I've never played the board game myself.
This movie has a lot of great elements. A classic story of bravery, magic, deception, elves, dwarves, mages, dragons, and love. It even hosts a Wayans brother for a little comedy relief. As for stellar actors, I only recognized the bad guy who plays Brom in the Eragon movie I've mentioned in previous posts. Oh, and I think the main actor who played Ridley was also in one of the Superman TV shows back in the 90's.

So, what do we think about numbers 20-22? Have I scared anyone off? Are we worried that if this is what I consider entertaining then there's no point reading the rest? Well trust me, we'll all be nodding our heads in agreement later in the list. Everyone has a few of their own little quirks, and most of mine seem to manifest themselves in the movies I watch.
Leave some comment love, and pleasant days to all.