My Favorite Movies! Numbers 14-16

The newest installment of the Favorite Movies! posts is here. As stated before, ranks 11-25 don't have any significance in comparison to one another, but are better than movies that didn't make the list. Here for your personal enjoyment are my thoughts on 14-16.

#14: Office Space
Here's a comedy for the ages. Anyone who has ever been stuffed into a box and made to sit in front of a computer for hours on end with little motivation will relate well to this film. Everyone else will be too busy laughing to worry about not being able to relate.
As far as star power, this movie has the guy that plays Dr. Cox on Scrubs.... oh, and Jennifer Aniston has a bit of a role. And I just remembered Orlando Jones makes a visit in a scene.
FYI: the soundtrack to this movie is the most objectionable thing about the whole movie. For whatever reason (maybe to create a weird contradiction?), they included a vile gangster rap background to most of the best scenes in the movie. Which simply results in white folk like me walking around with the chorus to a song stuck in their heads. I almost got hit by a coworker the other day because I randomly said "Dang it feels good to be a gangster".
Basic story is that the protagonist Peter is bummed because his job sucks and he hates life. He dreams of winning the lottery and becoming a lazy bum who sleeps in and lays around all day doing as little work as possible. Which, let me add, may very well be the American dream. Anyway he gets hypnotized by an occupational therapist into not caring anymore and begins rebuilding the corporate environment to his own liking. I have to say, the TPS reports would probably have made me snap too.

Contrary to my typical video addition, this is actually a mock up that turns Office Space into a horror film. I know, you're thinking it had to be a horror film already. People are being crammed into small boxes and calling them cubicles! But surprisingly, that wasn't terrifying enough. Enjoy.

#15: Hudson Hawk
This one is much more old school. Lots of different and wacky characters cutting in and out of this movie throughout. Basically Bruce Willis is a really awesome cat burglar who, upon getting out of prison, is immediately forced to do a bunch of high-class thefts. There are a number of other people you'll recognize in this movie, so I won't go through the effort of looking them all up. The movie name above (as with most of the other movie posts) is a link to the movie's IMDB entry for a quick reference.
It's got some funny scenes, a bit of quick-witted action scenes, and a batch of bad guys named after candy bars. There are even a few plot twists to keep your mind focused on the details of what's going on. I will warrant, the ending is a bit hokey. But on occasion a departure from reality is nice, don't you think?

Here's arguably the coolest scene from the movie. But trust me, there's enough other stuff to still make it worth watching.

#16: Accepted
A college film for the ages! Starring that goofy twig that pretends to be a stereotypical Mac user (but he's way too employed to fit that billet), and the infamous Jack Black. I don't think they really wrote any lines for Jack's character. My guess is they told him the plot and he came up with his lines all on his own. They work very well for him.
Basic premise of the film is the twiggy kid is a scam artist (some would say opportunist) who doesn't get accepted to any of the colleges to which he applies. In a grand effort to not disappoint his parents (even though we all know it HAS to blow up in his face eventually, by Movie Law), he creates a fake college with the help of a magically diverse group of friends who all lend their own particular talents to making it work. Except the technical guy (who looks like me except he has no facial hair and a Jew-fro) makes the enrollment website work, and Twiggy find himself managing a college For Students, By Students. And for some bad guy flavor, there's a dean of a local college whose name he partially scammed looking over their shoulder trying to figure out who's really in charge.
Another one of those movies I have to watch when it comes on a movie channel. I think of all the great college-age movies (I'm starting to wonder how Animal House didn't make the list... or PCU for that matter... hmmm...), this one had the distinct advantage of coming out while I was in college and is about my time in history.
As a side recommendation, feel free to look up PCU. It stars the always-wonderful Jeremy Piven and is a delight for college-age people and anyone who understands the ridiculous nature of being politically correct all the time.

A collection of Accepted clips from the random character in the film, Glen.

P.S. If studios dislike that I name their movies without permission and link to clips, feel free to remember that I'm hyping these movies as my favorite. Then attack YouTube for hosting 99.9% of all these clips in the first place.
Pleasant lawsuit-free days to all.