Introducing Evictor... No, He's Not Kicking People Out of Their Homes

He may eventually decide to discuss the mortgage crisis, but that's up to him.
Greetings, loyal audience of dumbtechgeek (and potential noobs). A little while back I noticed that there was a little pressure to update so regularly to hold people's attention. I also know that my friends and acquaintances have varying life experiences and viewpoints. So in an effort to avoid tunnel vision and hopefully promote discourse, I've invited one of my friends to post on here as well. Thus far, his posts have been his opinions (rants) on news events. But no one's telling him that he should stick with just that should he decide to write more.
We have very different writing styles, and it should be evident who's writing what. We still show that little "Posted by..." line in each post to help avoid any serious confusion. And I will TRY not to be the first one to comment on each of his posts. I can't promise anything. I likely have something to say about that too, and think everyone can benefit from the discussion we may kick up.