A Glimpse Into WoW

In all fairness, I had a mere 10 days to explore the humongous World of Warcraft game. I doubt I experienced even 1% of all the depth and expansiveness the game has to offer. But nonetheless.... I RUN THE BLOG! So you get to hear my thoughts on it. K, pumpkin? :-)
I got through 4 different character types. Each one got to level 10 and then proceeded to run into an area they had no business in and dying constantly. It is for this reason that I see a community of online friends being really helpful. One of the very basic limitations on my trial version was that I couldn't join a group with anyone. They could invite me, but I couldn't invite them. So I basically chased people around for awhile hoping they'd get the hint and invite me. Then again the couple people that did get the hint usually got a big group of baddies together, then ran at me, then ran off. At any point I could only take on 2 bad guys before dying, so was quite perturbed at that turn of events.
But the game is SO HUGE!!! Every character class had its own sector on one of two humongous continents. Every class had at least 4 different divisions of types you could choose. Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Druid, Rogue. All there and decked out with their own skills and strengths and weaknesses and back stories.
Also, the game was quite beautiful. Sure, all boars look the same. But the entry movies were fascinating.
There were also professions to select. Herbalism, First Aid, Mining, Skinning, Blacksmithing, Cooking, etc.
The main road block for me considering purchasing this game is the pay model. I am still old-school in this fashion. I buy a game and expect that I can play it based on the money I gave them when I purchased it. The new model says "Give away the games for next to nothing, then make them pay continuously for all eternity to unlock additional features, or even simply to play online!" I despise this model. The game comes with a bill. The bill makes playing the game regularly seem like an obligation. Even IF I was already going to play it regularly, I now have the money weighing on my decisions. 'Should I go to my friend's football game, or get in some WoW time this week?' Sure, there's an online community of millions of people waiting. But it will inevitably detract from my real social life.
Now if someone got me a subscription for a holiday or something... I could hardly say no to it. That would be so rude! Actually, I hear rumors floating around about setting up private servers and playing for free... Now that would be very cool with me. If only it were simple to do....
What do you think? Whether you have the game or not, tell me what you think about it. Feel free to comment on the new pricing model, WoW, game addiction in general, all MMORPGs, noobs, pwnage, whatever. The sky's the limit when it comes to commenting.
Pleasant days to all.