Women's fashion

This was in an issue of Cosmo magazine. I didn't check the month of release.
"but michael, why are you looking at a Cosmo magazine?"
Before you start worrying yourself over my masculinity, let me tell you that someone else left it in the stall of the men's restroom that I frequent. That's all I'm saying about that.
Anyhow, my point in posting is to butcher the argument that men's taste & desire drives all women's modern fashion.
As the picture illustrates (depending on picture quality), there are legions of shoes and scarves and other assorted garments in girls' closets that our brains are incapable of comprehending the purpose for.
All the magazine verified for me is that either I'm right & men have no word in this, or women clearly have zero idea as to what men like. Every other page had a celebrity being congratulated for wearing a daring top. But when I looked at the picture, all I saw was a twiggy blond in what appeared to be a potato sack sprayed with glitter. Attractive? No. Interesting? No.
Moral of the story for men: give up trying.
Moral of the story for women: wear what you are comfortable in or look good in, no matter whether guys like it OR the recent Cosmo says it's trendy.... unless you want to wear Crocs. Which are not only gross and poor quality, but also the company is currently being sued for sucking people's feet into escalators.
Pleasant croc-free days to all.