You HAVE To Watch Them

image So I'm entering my last semester in college. I'm a little slow, and it is taking me one semester more than the 'normal' 4 years to get all my courses in. I didn't fail any of my courses! I simply preferred to take 12 credit hour semesters (4 courses) instead of 15 credit hour semesters (5 courses).
My very simple reason for this, other than potentially stretching myself too thin: my scholarships are renewable for up to 5 years. If I had taken 15 credits each semester, that last course would've been fully funded by my pocket. And my life motto is Semper Frugalis*, or 'always frugal'. So I thought this out a couple years back and said to myself:
"Hey, I can either pay for an extra course and start WORKING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE half a year earlier, but $3,000 farther into debt; OR I can milk the school for more of the financial aid they've offered me and start THE REST OF MY LIFE with a clean slate on the debt front. I'm taking option 2."
Because hey, who doesn't like free money. Am I right or am I right?

Well, the reason for this whole post was to relate this detail to you all. You must constantly watch colleges. Particularly on the financial aid front. My experience has taught me that there are a few undeniable facts in this world.
1)God is in control of all things
2)Politicians care about me as much as I care for 3-toed sloths
3)Colleges should be treated as if they're evil organizations

So I've found a few competent people in each department (advising, financial aid, cashiers office, lab monitor) and pretty much refuse to speak to anyone else. Especially the kids running the front desks, who have consistently displayed their ignorance of the operations of the department in which they're working.

image So when I got the bill for my last semester of college, and they were hitting me for the full bill of approximately $4,000, my immediate response was to launch an email titled 'wtf??' to my contact in the financial aid office.
And what a surprise! In the first hour of her work day, she already found out that I was being hosed, and reactivated the financial aid. Apparently the system expected me to graduate in the Spring so it disabled my money. It didn't check with anyone, or raise any kinds of flags to an advising office. it simply assumed.

So this is a 'everything is okay for the moment' kind of post. Hope everyone is having as pleasant a morning as I am.

*Okay, I don't know Latin. Frugalis probably isn't a word