Summary of Latest Naruto (411)

imageThis week's volume was short and sweet. Basically, the fight started between Sasuke and the 8-tailed host. Sasuke started by talking to his team about not being used by Akatsuki. Then the 8-tailed beast did some rhyming (though the English translation clearly doesn't rhyme) and ticked off everyone but Sasuke.

Here's a blow by blow.

Sasuke comes at 8-tail with his sword. 8-tail blocks with Suigetsu's sword, Sasuke stops the sword and kicks 8-tail. 8-tail stops in the middle of the fight to write down a 'really good rhyme he just came up with'. Then he kicks Sasuke while saying the classic and internationally iconic "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". Then 8-tail pulls out his many swords, holding some of them in his arm pits and knee pits. He starts some spinning fury attack thing. Suigetsu says he's clearly got some skills, because Suigetsu can't read 8-tails swordwork. Sasuke retaliates with a chidori blade, which is quickly blocked because the 8-tail can use chakra manipulation into his blades too.

So it looks like Sasuke's in a world of hurt. But, then again, this entire fight technically could be a genjutsu that Sasuke has cleverly weaved to confuse 8-tail into thinking they're fighting. With those dang sharingans, you never can tell for certain.

FYI: I'll be out of town next week. So the updates, if any, are more likely to be pictures with a brief text message. If there happens to be anything picture-worthy at the place I'm going to. Pleasant weekends to all.