The People In My Class

I can't go into great detail on them because there's a slim chance they'll find this blog, and they do have privacy to maintain. I won't mention their actual names or the actual names of the companies they worked for. So they're safe as far as that goes.
I already mentioned the one person in the class who was complaining about Denver's awesome weather. So we'll skip past that one.
There were two ladies (code names Laverne and Shirley) in the class with me who worked for a candy company. Unfortunate for me, they brought some of those Halloween variety bags with samples of their products. And they sat the bowl containing it all right in front of me. Bad idea. Especially considering my low self-control.
Laverne was a very straight-forward and honest kind of person. No worries about her lying to you. Even if it was to inform you that you were being an idiot, you could depend on Laverne.
Which is what makes Shirley such a surprise. She was very bright and peppy. It was likely her idea to bring the candy. Shirley also, after hearing about my lack of compass built-in to my rental car, went out and bought me a compass to use so I could survive the mean streets of the DTC.
There was also Norman. This is also a code name. One I accidentally called him a few times, actually. Norman started off the class very humble. The software we were there to be trained to use, his office (as in everyone works for him) utilizes it daily. He's no dunce, he just drastically underestimated the practicality of his years of experience. He also is old enough to be my dad. Which made it okay when he told me numerous times that my expressions and opinions reminded him exactly of his son's. The last thing I heard him say when the class was over and I was walking out was, "That kid really reminds me of my son alot. It's like they're identical twins." What I found to be the funniest part about him mentioning that continuously, is that a lot of his expressions and opinions reminded me of my dad's. Implying that people of my dad's type seem to be likely to raise kids of my type. So there you go. I'm stereotypical, yay!
There was a young girl in the class too. We'll call her Abigail. She was the only person in the class that wasn't representing a company. As in she paid the couple thousand dollars for the class out of her own pocket. Simply because she thought the training would be good for her. It was also nice to note that she was European. I'd be more specific, but I can't remember which country she was born in and which country she was raised in. I know she speaks English, German, and French. But whether she was German raised in France or French raised in Deutschland. I think the ability to work in the US is actually an additional thing that has to be added to some visa types. And apparently she was still waiting for the paperwork allowing her to work to come through. I was right there with her on the confusion. What would be the point of coming to the US for a couple years and not working during that time?
Then a guy a couple years older than me (alright, maybe 10 years) is the final person I'll talk about. We'll call him Enrico. Now Enrico was from Texas. Apparently he traveled a lot, and decided to make the trips more comfortable. To do this, he lived it up every single night while he was in Denver. One night he went to a baseball game. The next night he went to a concert. The next night he took in the downtown club scenese. This was one active dude! He did have an iPhone though... wonder what that says about him...
And I'll now use Enrico as a segway. Because the one night Enrico didn't have big plans, he went to a restaurant on my recommendation. And that restaurant will be a subject in my next post, to come soon!
Pleasant days to all.