Summary of Latest Naruto (410)

image May I simply start off by saying: I love that it's in color. It probably quadruples the workload (or means they hire a coloring staff), but the extra work is insanely appreciated.

imageOkay, so the whole thing wasn't in color. But nonetheless, it's nice to see new people and how they totally look instead of the normal black and white images. Take this guy for example. He's the host for the eight-tailed beast I showed the black and white image of in the last summary. Come to find out he's funny AND super-tough.

As you may remember, Team Hawk approached him with plans to take him down but not kill him. Akatsuki had ordered it as such, otherwise I'm guessing the tailed beast would be lost to them. So Sasuke sent Suigetsu and Jugo at him to see his strength. Like good fights normally go, they approached him one at a time. He did not take kindly to these young punks interrupting him while he was talking. He CAUGHT Suigetsu's sword (one of the 7 swords) with what seemed to be his bare hands. Then he took the sword from Suigetsu. Then Jugo told Suigetsu to step back and let him give it a try. Even though Jugo transformed, he was still no match for the crazy chakra this Haughty Host was able to call forth. The last picture of him had the Host still talking trash while leaning on the sword and Jugo on the ground at his feet. Next episode: Sasuke steps up to fight him. And much like Sakura always did, the woman on their team (whose name will remain inconsequential until she does something other than worship Sasuke) stood back to 'support them'. She's using her crazy chakra-sensing skills to monitor the fight, as far as I can tell.

Meanwhile, on the Sage Training front with Naruto, The Elder Frog corrects Gamakichi (goofball young toad) in how he phrased the whole 'You have to die' comment. See, if you don't keep the natural energy flowing into your body evenly proportioned with your physical energy and chakra, you can turn into a frog. If you're overflowed with the natural energy, you turn into a frog permanently. That's what Gamakichi was warning him about.

The first step Elder Toad tried to use for training Naruto was telling him to be perfectly still. This simply does not work for the hyperactive ninja brat. So there's some magic toad oil that he rubs on his hand or body. This will help him sense and draw in the natural energy. After awhile he should be able to draw the energy without using the oil. And in case he starts turning too frog-like, Elder Toad has a magic stick that knocks the energy out of Naruto when he whacks him on the head with it.

Also, Elder Toad said this frog-like appearance (if only slightly controlled) explains what happened to Jiraiya when he drew on the sage arts in his fight against Pain. He had a small transformation that I thought was from his bond with the Elder Toads he was fighting with. Turns out it was actually his reaction to not having the energies properly balanced. So Naruto has hope in that his mentor couldn't get this wholly right. And this'll make Naruto all the cooler if he can surpass Jiraiya and not transform slightly when fighting with these skills.

Until next week, stay scanlated. They may not be legal, but that doesn't mean they have to be ugly.