Summary of Latest Naruto (409)


17Team Hawk caught up with the host of the Eight-Tailed Beast. The next manga promises color photos of the fight between the host and Sasuke.

Oh, and all the bodies of Pain are awake and standing in front of some door I've never seen before. The main recognizable Pain told the new body (the former origami girl): 'Our main objective is the Nine-Tailed Beast. Kill anyone who gets in our way.' (paraphrase)

Oh, and Naruto went off to train with Elder Toad in the Sage Arts. The secret of Sage Arts is to mix the power of nature from your surroundings in with your physical strength and chakra to  drastically increase both. Elder Toad demonstrated by lifting a humongous boulder with one arm. Naruto said he couldn't sense any energy. Elder Toad informed him that he can't sense natural energy yet. First he has to become one with nature, and the only way to do that is to DIE.

So yeah. Always interesting.