The Software Update Spreading So Much Joy

image Since there's no point in re-inventing the wheel, here's the link to the directions I followed to put multiple Google Calendars into my home Outlook. The picture to the right takes you to the download location for it too!

As discussed in a post yesterday, Google Calendar Sync does a great job of maintaining ONE Google Calendar syncing to Outlook. Well there's this freeware called Remote Calendars. It's a little tricky to set up (Try doing what I didn't and reading the directions first...), but if you follow it step by step it should come out pretty well. And if you know me and want me to, I can probably offer some easy assistance.

image Heck, thanks to TeamViewer, I can quickly and easily assist you ON YOUR COMPUTER LIVE!! Also a neat bit of software. If I were more professional at this, I'd write a whole post on that too. But I'm not. It's not like anyone's paying me for this. Well, the job that I am on break from right now is paying me. But those breaks and this writing are both an important part of maintaining my sanity and working ability throughout my day.