One Disclaimer to Rule Them All

I suffer from what doctors like to call 'total lack of originality'. You'll notice that music, videos, and images on my site are not of my own design or creation. But I do go find them myself. And I do my best to give credit when credit is available to be given. Also my story ideas for videos are mostly taken from news and tech sites that post the original stories, or sometimes rewrites from other news and tech sites, themselves. Again, I'll attempt in the future to give props to these people/sites. I frequently state opinions or viewpoints on issues and people, and wish to make sure everyone understands that they are just that: my opinions. I'm not always right. A fair amount of the time I am though. Just ask me, I'll tell you. And on that note....

Here's a rant I sent to a coworker after she asked me during a break 'why I hate Apple so much'. As if anyone needed a reason...
(11:13 AM) M: anywho, i'm sure i seem like a typical Windows fanatic a fair chunk of the time. This is not bred from a real hardcore hatred of linux, or of apple as the actual computers and mp3 players go. In all honesty, I imagine myself simply a realist. if you want to do anything with computers in this world short of programming for apple itself, you WILL USE a Windows computer. It's what almost everyone knows, it's what almost everyone is used to using.
(11:16 AM) M: the only complaint i had with the apples i've used were their unfamiliarity and the inability to do what i want in a self-intuitive and simple manner. as for iPoods, there's a touch of nonconformity in my thought processes toward them. when i was shopping (both times) for mp3 players, iPods were the most hyped but also the most cumbersome. for awhile you almost HAD to use iTunes. I don't like iTunes at all. they were the most expensive for the sizes i was looking at. and, last but not least, I think Steve Jobs is a tool. And I mean that as an insult, not a device to be used for productivity or good-purpose.
(11:17 AM) M: hiring the most ingenious marketing department in the world to get kids to buy mp3 players because 'they're cool' and 'people won't think you look like an idiot when you dance alone in public' was brilliant but evil.
(11:18 AM) M: food's here
(11:19 AM) M: he treats his employees poorly as far as i see it. he treats his customers like idiot sheeps who can't "truly experience his environment unless they combine his OS with his equipment". hence the no building Macs legally.
(11:20 AM) M: he pulls the same version of crap that Microsoft catches daily guff for doing. but apparently having revolutionized the computer industry means it's okay. whereas Windows defining the computer industry doesn't make it okay.
(11:21 AM) M: and i'm done ranting for now. i grow weary, and i'm not blogging it.
(11:21 AM) M: hmm.... i probably could tho...
See, even when I'm working hard, I'm thinking about my audience. :-)