NEVER Let This Software Wreck Up Your Computer

image This is a very awesome idea for a software tool. It checks all your current programs AND hardware drivers. It then checks with its online database to see if either of these groups have updates available. It even offers to update them for you.

Awesome idea? Yep.

Riddled with potential problems? Yep.

Found out in my case (and everyone who commented on that using either the RadarSync2008 Free or the Premium edition causes crazy amounts of issues. For me, it simply disabled my tv tuner for about a week. One guy said it killed all his IDE devices. Another person said they got the Premium edition, and it still jacked things up.

The fellows over at CNET, who I always love reading, are human and capable of getting good results out of a product that's screwing everyone else. With how many reviews they do, I'm sure they have test machines that get this treatment. But I give 2 large thumbs down to this software, despite their positive rating of it.

And a weird personal note: I went for a week or more without the tv tuner working. So my computer didn't record all my shows like it was programmed to do. Now, it was during the summer and not the new season of Lost or Heroes; but I still found it surprising that I didn't miss the shows more. One of those things I found out I can live without I guess. I went to Dell's website, searched thru their online help, and downloaded the proper driver to repair the situation.

What's a little sad is I'm back to watching shows on my computer almost all the time, and listening to reruns while I'm doing other things. Back to business as usual. Life can seem randomly lame like that.