I Seem to be in LOVE with all things Google (Part 2)

Told you more was coming. Okay, okay, no one actually was waiting for this post. But I like to pretend someone was.

-My devotion to Google Calendar should be apparent after some of my recent posts especially. I almost tried setting up a public-friendly version of my calendar. It would've probably just had Work and Church dates and times on it. But for some reason I couldn't get the iFrame to work right. Guess I'm silly that way. It seemed like more work than it needed to be, so I dropped it early. But yes, I work very hard to maintain my GCal with text message updates, and numerous colorful calendars.

image -Picasa should be on everyone's computer. It really should've been there yesterday before you read this comment about it, but I don't have the time to invent a time machine and help you remedy that. Picasa actively tracks all the images on my computer. It provides many awesome editing and batch editing tools. It makes loading into a Web Album (where I have 1GB free space) a breeze, or even loading onto Facebook thanks to a neat little add-on I found. It's also the receptacle for all the images that make it onto this very Blogger page!

-I use Google Docs availability to the max. I keep a couple documents shared with friends where we all maintain movie lists that we've borrowed from each other, or ones we want to rent for our next guy's night. I have even migrated most of my other spreadsheets on there, including a GPA tracker (soon to be unnecessary), a 401K tracker, and detailed records of every paycheck including how much tax goes where. This all helps a lot when tax time rolls around every April.

-I host most of the videos I've made in the recent past on Google Video. It's a little twitchy and difficult on occasion, but still overall very simple to use when it does cooperate.

image-I have my own Lively room set up, including a big screen television you have to walk thru if you ever intend to leave the living room. So far it's been host to me sharing a couple hilarious comedians with videos on YouTube (another Google property, I might add) with some friends of mine. We just sit back and hang out on the couch, chatting away since Google Talk is integrated with our avatars. Eventually the video loops back and we grab another URL and throw it up for all to enjoy.

-And I link almost ALL of these wonderfully on my personalized homepage. This is, of course, iGoogle! And to get around that annoying firewall at school and other 'difficult' locations, they have a Sandbox set up for developers that has full screen Gmail and everything else broken into their own easy tabs. It's just so convenient.

Things left to try appear to be Alerts (don't understand its purpose since I have so many RSS feeds tracking things I like), Notebook (Evernote is still doing wonders for me in this same kind of category. It's also now open to the public!), orkut (I think this is pointless with how addicted to Facebook I have come to be), and Sites (in no need of my own page to build from the ground up...yet!). Oh, but what didn't make the list above because it's not solely a web application is my constant use of Google SMS for just about everything. I'm the go-to guy when I'm sitting around with my friends trying to figure something out. It's nice feeling needed.

image This has nothing to do with the post. Just a great pic I accidentally came across.