I Seem to be in LOVE with all things Google (Part 1)

imageThe image to your right shows the building that I'm going to for training in the first week of August. Isn't it cool??

Now I've never been to the city I'm going to be training in. But thanks to the awesome Street View feature on Google Maps, I can see the streets I'll be walking on the way I'm going to see them. I can look at the buildings I need to be able to recognize. It's very comforting to know that what would usually be unfamiliar because all I could see before was nasty satellite photos (like I'm ever allowed on the roof...) gets to become the familiar and even comfortable environment I'll find myself in.

imageOh, and this to the left is the hotel it's likely I'll be staying at. The details are still getting ironed out on that one. But with the sun up there like that, it looks like it's meant to be.

But to give a quick spotlight to all the Google products I use regularly:

-Google Reader's frequent use by me is highlighted in that little "Michael's Shared Items" widget on the left there. Not only do I surf thru hundreds of webpage updates a day, I share some of the best and worst with you, my viewing audience. image

And on a quick note, my viewing audience seems to be more people than I can think of. Despite how hard I may have made it to find this page (I need to go broaden the availability on that soon...), I've had people visiting this page from Virginia, Washington state, and Cali. The rest of them tend to clutter around Missouri and its bordering states, which makes sense since that's where I live and most of the people I know live. So hello, far away fans! I appreciate you, for you provide me the motivation to keep this up. And the knowledge of where my visitors are is provided by Google Analytics. There's no escaping Google it would seem.

image -Blogger.... Yea, it's kinda what you're looking at right now.

-Gmail is my bread and butter. I have a personal goofy address, as well as image a business address I give to employers and coworkers. Which of course all gets forwarded to my main goofy address anyway. But I have programmed routings and labels for mail from different people and sources. And the Spam filter does a bang-up job on a daily basis.

More to follow...