I guess I'm the close-minded buffoon

image Is buffoon in the dictionary? Someone check quick for me. I'll wait....... Well spell check didn't flag it either time, so I'm going to assume so. But thanks for the effort, kind reader.

A sample dialog from earlier today. Setup for this conversation is I heard 2 coworkers (one of whom redefines the extremes of the liberal left on a daily basis with such statements as "I'm voting for Hillary just because I don't want another Republican in office") discussing troubles with the DMV. The non-hippie said he didn't understand why they didn't just unite the DMV between states to clear up some trouble he was having with being a citizen of Kansas and buying a car in Missouri.

Me: Are you talking about uniting DMVs across states?
NH (non-hippie): Yes, I'd mentioned that.
Me: They had tried to suggest something like that, because it was a loophole the terrorists used on 9/11 to get driver's licenses and identities from multiple states. But it got shot down because the ACLU or somebody was against the idea of setting up a federal database of privacy information.
Hippie: Someone's been keeping up with RedState.com!

*Note: the hyperlink didn't literally appear in our conversation. Also, can we agree that I barely made any comment for or against this legislation in the above comment? Sure I used flag words like '9/11' and 'terrorists' in support, but there were flag words on the other side too, for example 'federal' and 'privacy'. When things get to the federal level, they always become very cloudy, very fast.

But the comment did spur me to go find this website. Despite having a Conservative leaning, I had never before heard of this website. And it's an interesting idea, a Conservative news website. What I mostly appreciate is by the name you can tell where they are coming from. As opposed to.... every major news provider out there (except FoxNews, which by popular blogosphere vote is actually a psychotically right-wing news source) that tries to claim being down the middle but at every turn undermines the current administration BECAUSE they're Republicans and boasts the awesomeness of Obama BECAUSE he's a Democrat.

I've got 2 horrible realizations for you, folks. And if either of these are a big surprise to you, it would be wise to step back and take a quick once-over of your entire life to see if you appear to be a tard in any other aspects.

Realization 1: All politicians are dill-weeds.

That's right. I usually throw this disclaimer at the beginnings of most of my political comments. I'm not sure if it's getting funding by bowing to unions and corporations or some part of a secret initiation that turns politicians from 'normal people trying to affect the world in a positive manner' to 'dill-weeds'. But it happens, whether they lean left, right, up, down, or walk backwards.

Realization 2: All people prefer the company and opinions of those who agree with them.

Also not confusing. Agreeable company confirms at some level that a person is not insane because at least one other person/group agrees with what they say. You start to grow a bubble of self-doubt when you find yourself in unknown territory, differing in thought and opinion from everyone else around you. So if you can find a news source that frames things in the same way you see them, you can put your mind on Cruise Control and just listen.

Now that last part wasn't the best idea. Any time anyone is telling you anything, it deserves to be filtered. Heck, half the time I question my own thoughts and motives in an attempt to not be caught off-guard. People can easily lie to you, or mix in a touch of truth with the lies to make it easier to swallow. It's up to you to seek out the facts and decide for yourself what constitutes a credible source.


It is in light of these 2 realizations that I continue to admit that I am a close-minded buffoon loudly and proudly. I believe exactly as I do, and if that doesn't match up with you, feel free to vacate my premises. And you better move fast, cuz I'm chunky and my gravitational pull could kick in any second now.