Mark your calendars, folks! I was going to hold off on this, but seeing as many of you surf the web as tirelessly as I do, I figured I needed to get this up ASAP.
November 21, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes to a theater near you. I have a strong feeling while it might not have the re-see-ability (not a word, I know) of The Dark Knight, it will probably come close to breaking the record. Granted, it doesn't have a new, uber-creepy villain who recently passed away from drug overdose. But I doubt a side detail like that will hold this movie back.

**UNFORTUNATE UPDATE** This movie has been delayed until July 2009. Apparently the studio didn't feel it had enough summer blockbusters to fill next summer, so delayed this fan favorite to better their numbers. While I am very upset at this retarded decision, it might bode well for them getting the movie (or movies!!) based on book 7 out the door a little faster after that.
And since when was November a bad time to release movies?? If memory serves all of the Lord of the Rings movies destroyed attendance records and they were all released November/December timeframe. I even had a tradition of going to see it with my out-of-state aunt & cousins when we visited them after Christmas.... Bah humbug to the studio!