Drug Paraphernalia

image Back in my day this was called a bong. But apparently the times, they are a-changing. This is an Indian (dot Indians, not feather Indians) artifact called a hookah pipe. They have grown in popularity amazingly in recent years.

I will admit that where I hear them selling these they are commonly used for smoking flavored tobacco. In Germany, on military bases in Japan, and the couple of people I know who own them in my local area.

But if I was a police officer and found one of these, this is the first place I'm checking for the presence of illegal substances. Why? Because it's a bong. It can have a hip, more acceptable, common use among people of all ages, but the fact remains that for all intents and purposes this is a bong.

The great thing about the phrase 'drug paraphernalia' is that tobacco is a drug. So it technically applies. Though I think the judge would get upset if a police officer found Mountain Dew cans and claimed them as 'drug paraphernalia' because caffeine's a drug.

Wait, this article says I'm an idiot. To classify by the above title, it has to be specifically used for illegal substances. Tobacco's acceptable then. Nothing like self-degradation in a blog post.

Rambling blog posts anyone? Wow, I'm in a weird mood today.

And on a happier note, here are a sample of the images I received in a funny-but-sad email today. These ones are for all the cat lovers out there. Enjoy.